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Australia was one of the highest users per capita in the world of asbestos up until the mid-1980s, and its widespread use has left a legacy of asbestos material. Non-friable asbestos, where it is mixed with other materials like cement, is the type most commonly found in our built environment.

Friable asbestos is more likely to become airborne, and the inhalation of respirable asbestos fibres is associated with diseases such as mesothelioma and asbestosis when inhaled deep into the lungs.

Operating from its purpose built Occupational Hygiene laboratory, the ARL Group has established itself as a market-leader in asbestos testing.

  • Soils / Sediments / Solid Wastes
  • Building Materials
  • Air




Respirable Fibre Counting
On-Site Asbestos Air Monitoring
Clearance Inspections
Sampling and Analysis of Building Products
Analysis of Soil Samples