ARL Group ARL Group


ARL Group’s highly responsive and available leadership team:

  • David Sneddon, CEO
  • Kim Rodgers, General Manager
  • Doug Todd, Laboratory Manager
  • Andrew Harvey, Resources Manager
  • Natalie Hill, Key Account Manager
  • Paul Nottle, Organics Manager
  • Sam Becker, Inorganics Manager
  • Adam Green, Occupational Hygiene Manager
  • Vincent Wycoco, Microbiology Manager
  • Hannah Ashbil, EcoDiagnostics Manager
  • Ryan Seaton, Logistics and IT Manager

Technical and service support for EcoDiagnostics:

  • Mark Castalanelli, Co-Founder EcoDiagnostics. Joint-CEO Xytovet
  • Jason Ledger, Co-Founder EcoDiagnostics. Joint-CEO Xytovet